Do You Need Fill Dirt Now

You can call on the expert excavation team at Krueger & Stienfest Inc to get the materials you need.

You’ll find a wide range of materials available and ready to go for your needs. You can choose from a variety of quality materials, including:

• Top soils

• Gravel

• Fill dirt

• Sand

For All Your Sand, Gravel, & Dirt Needs

Get your project underway with the sand & gravel, dirt, topsoil and any fill dirt you need. You can trust in the quality of all products we provide. Get it delivered affordably to your job site You know you can get the materials you need now. You can also have it delivered to your job site without any problems. Call on us for a quote for the materials you need including delivery. Call us today to get a quote for sand, gravel, and other materials at 715-627-7020.

Let us handle the trucking too

You can count on our trucking services to handle the transport of your materials and the removal of material and debris. We’ll get it out of the way and  dispose of waste properly. Trust in our company to get the job done for you.

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