Wisconsin Pond Digging & Construction Pros

Are You Ready to Add a Pond To Your Landscape?

Whether you want a small pond for simple decorative features or a large pond for a community, Krueger & Stienfest Inc is here to help.

You Can Work Closely With Our Excavation Team Throughout the Pond Construction Process

Build a pond that’s right for your land, no matter what your long-term goals are. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of services, with our Wisconsin based Pond Construction and Building team, including:

Let us handle the cleanup and creation of your pond while you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Expect outstanding customer service throughout

You’ll always have experts by your side throughout the construction process, even from the permit to the completion phases. You can trust in excellent service that meets even the most challenging of codes. Call today to get a quote for your pond project underway.

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